About JK Foundation

JK Foundation is a construction services company in Chennai providing general construction, project management, estimating, and skilled craftsmen to meet the needs of the Commercial and Residential Projects. The company was founded and promoted by Shri A.Jayakumar.

Known as an established, quality general contractor, JK Foundation has a large repeat customer workload and built a strong reputation in the Commercial and Residential construction sector. JK Foundation team of experts perform the initial tasks essential to getting any project off to a good start, which leads to timely completion of the project.

Our customers have responded to this approach with tremendous loyalty that allows us to form long lasting relationships and build a solid foundation of experience. This is evident as we have ongoing relationships with repeat clients . All this means the client project is completed on schedule and within budget, with the quality our clients expect.

Setting the pace, and having knowledgeable Civil Engineers and Supervisors controlling the process, establishes the expectations for how the project will progress to meet quality standards and on-time completion. Quality is continued with the selection of time-proven, carefully selected subcontractors that have JK Foundation’s full confidence.

JK Foundation will always ensure compliance to statutory, regulatory and legal requirements relevant to construction industry. Enhance our skills, knowledge and Technological Development to achieve and sustain continual improvement of our Process, Product and People.

Sustainability starts with the initial decision to begin a building project. This mind-set remains through design and construction and continues throughout the building lifespan and beyond. It is our goal to provide the Owner with a building that, to be considered a functional success, leaves a positive impact on our environment.